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  • Leen Wither

    * Leen Wither is the Marshal of the Winter Court, and although this does but him a odd with the current Lord of the Court of the Freehold of London he takes the his job of securing the shadows and dark-ways of London deadly seriously. * Leen is …

  • Mariann Somnia

    * Mariann Somnia a Changeling of the Autumn Court, can't tell you where she was born or originally from before she was taken to be the personal song bird for a her Fae Lord, but she can tell you where she escaped from as she exited the Hedge into the …

  • Death Dealer Maker

    * Death Dealer Maker, or just Maker is a famed custom weapons and armor smith Changeling that travels with the Goblin Market that makes it way to London each year. * Maker's weapons are special but he is very selective about who he sells his weapons …

  • Gentleman Highgate

    * Gentleman Highgate is the master of the slave market of the Goblin Market of London, and only sells the best in slaves, from general workers and house slaves to personal servants and pleasure dolls, all for the right price of course.

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