Known by many names throughout mortal history it also has its far share of name from the shadows, the Holy City by the power mad Mages, the First Holding by the Fae touched Changelings, The Great Haunt by ghost twisted Geist, the Place of Many Births by the curse created Prometheans, The Lodging of the Begger King by the moon controlled Werewolves. To the Vampires of Great Britain it is now known as the Untouchable Queen’s Jewel or just the Lost City.

In the era of Great British Empire, Vampires challenged Mages for control over the vast wealth and power of the nation, but as Great Britain’s influence and empire faded in the world so did Vampire influence in its government. The last Vampire to hold a seat in the United Kingdom’s House of Lords was decades ago and the last vampire Member of Parliament was kicked out in 1997. Shortly after that, in 2000, the Mage Council of London put forth the Millennium Proclamation declaring that no Supernatural Being would hold a seat in Great Britain’s Government, that London proper would have no Vampire Prince, this did exclude the Underground London Prince. This Proclamation ended the Vampire reign over London and in turn Great Britain’s Government.

The Final act that spelled the end of Vampire holdings in London came four years later in the winter of 2004 when a lone Vampire, reportedly from Underground London, showed up in a rival Vampire court stating that he was the only survivor from Underground London and that all other Vampires there were lost. Unfortunately not much else is known as the Prince of the court had the Vampire survivor turned to dust on the spot and any Vampire to venture into the Underground has not returned.

Despite its recent history of being a hostile environment for Vampire, some do call the city of London home. Those few who do brave its streets do so out of necessity, exile, fear or discovery. The small nomads that call London home do so at their own peril as unlike the other Vampire cities of the United Kingdoms, they must survive London without the support structures that such other cities have to offer. While all the time not doing anything to upset the balance of power the Mage Council of London has established in the city, and dealing with the other small groups of supernatural beings that call the dark narrow streets of London home as well. Welcome home, for that what London is to you for whatever reason that may be, the nights over London rang for all who would brave her streets.


Night Over London: Vampire the Requiem

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